What Resveratrol Means and Some of its Health Effects

resveratrol-health-effectsWhat Resveratrol Means

Resveratrol refers to a stilbenoid that is actually a phytoalexin and a type of natural phenol typically produced by various plants in response to injury. Resveratrol may also be produced by the plants when they are subjected to pathogens such as fungi and bacteria. Sources of this compound in food include:

Positive Health Effects of Resveratrol Consumption

Despite the fact that resveratrol is used as dietary supplement, there is yet a precise correlation between the consumption of the component and its effect on human health and life expectancy. However, in one meta-analysis it was confirmed that high intake of the compound statistically reduces systolic blood pressure. This article aims at explaining some of the positive health effects of resveratrol consumption.

Longer Life Spans and Reduced Physical Effects of Aging

reduced-physical-effects-of-agingResearch has it that consistent intake of resveratrol helps you live longer, and at the same time boosts your general health. Though empirical results are still in the early stages in regards to the health effect of resveratrol consumption, but scientific studies carried out in mice indicated that the supplement resulted into 20 percent longer life span.

One of the commonly known and confirmed positive health effects of consuming chardonnay grape seeds is that they virtually slow down and eventual diminish the physical signs of aging. Recent researches link this health effect to resveratrol since the grapes contain highest levels of the compound.

Prevents Heart Disease and Fights Cancer

Recent researches indicate that consumption of substantial amounts of resveratrol helps protect the heart from heart disease. This can be considered true basing on the fact that French people eat diets that are very high in fat, together with considerable amounts of resveratrol although they have extremely low levels of heart disease.

Use of resveratrol to treat particularly breast cancer is as effective as chemotherapy. The compound is actually capable of healing other types of cancer as well. Above all, it is hardly ever connected to any negative side effect so you definitely should consider it.

Increased Energy and Anti-Inflammatory Properties

Another interesting positive health effect of consuming resveratrol is that it is an ant-inflammatory compound that greatly decreases inflammation and swelling. In addition, grape seed extract, which contains high levels resveratrol fights fatigue and boosts the body energy levels.

Weight Loss and Lower Blood Sugar Effect

Numerous researches have ascertained that the compound lowers blood sugar and thus, allows consumers to keep blood sugar at the ideal amount and really stable. Above all, the compound has the ability to consume body fats hence; it is good for weight loss & curing obesity.

Antioxidant effect

what-causes-free-radicals-in-our-bodyThe antioxidant properties of resveratrol can help a lot when it comes to keeping consumers healthy and prevention of cell damage. This is why it is considered a nutritional support that enables the body to function well and retain optimal health conditions.

With these and many other positive health effects of resveratrol, and the fact that the compound has very little known side effects, you should greatly consider including its supplier foods in your diet. Chardonnay Grape seeds and raspberries can perfectly serve this purpose.