Top Six Omega 9 Foods

top-six-omega-9-foodsOmega 6 and omega 3 are considered to be important fatty acids since they are rarely available in the body, so they are obtained from food in small amounts. On the other hand, omega 9 fatty acids are in great supply and virtually useless in the body. They actually make up almost the entire content of fats in the body.

Almost everybody yearns for omega 6 and omega 3 fatty acids, but no one wants omega 9 in the body. This article provides a list of foods that can be used in the moderation of existing omega 9 fatty acids.

They include:

  • Olive oil
  • Pecan oil
  • Pine nut oil
  • Sunflower oil
  • Palm oil
  • Peanut oil

Olive Oil

oilve-oilOlive oil is one of the most reliable sources of omega 9 fatty acids and Oleic acids. Oleic acid is linked to lower blood pressure, an effect that occurs particularly when olive oil is consumed raw. This entails that olive oil works best if used in dipping bread and dressing vegetables, not in frying.

Fortunately, virgin olive oil may contain 2 percent, or even higher percentages of Oleic acid, making the oil unpalatable. The benefit of using olive oil as a source of omega 9 is that it has antioxidant properties, which can cause healing of certain health conditions.

Pecan Oil

It contains up to five percent of Oleic acid, although it has merely half the amount of saturated fats available in olive oil. The main reason why you definitely should consider relying on pecan oil as a source of omega 9 fatty acids is that it supplements the body with chromium.

Pine Nut Oil

This type of oil is normally used in finishing of foods to serve them with increased flavor. It is proven to be a better source of Oleic acid if compared to both pecan and olive oil. You will additionally benefit if you use pine nut oil as a source of omega 9, in that it boosts appetite by stimulating the production of Chelecystokinin.

Sunflower Oilsunflowerseedoil

This type of oil actually has a higher content of vitamin E and some considerable amounts of saturated fats. The sunflower oil is usually consumed through fries. Unfortunately, heating of the oil leads to obliteration of the Vitamin E.

Palm Oil

This is another dependable source of omega 9 fatty acids. It benefits the body with Palmitic acid. Palmitic acid is responsible for the chemical reactions that lead to storage of fats in the cells. This entails that if you consume fewer calories than you actually burn, palm oil can help you gain fats easily. However, take caution since too much consumption of Palmitic acid can eventually lead to obesity.

Peanut Oil

This type of oil contains both Palmitic and Oleic acids. Consumption of raw peanut oil is however, deadly for the people who are allergic to it. Refined, decolorized, deodorized and highly processed peanut oil can help deal with allergies.

All in all, peanut oil contains moderately high unsaturated fats and arachidonic acid, which is responsible for production of inflammatory hormones.