Top 5 Health Benefits of Black Raspberry Seeds

health-benefits-of-black-raspberry-seedsBlack raspberry seeds contain numerous same health-beneficial compounds as those of red raspberry seeds. However, black raspberry seeds additionally encompass of higher levels of compounds such as anthocyanins. If you read and understand what this article explains regarding phytochemicals and nutrients available in black raspberry seeds you will probably be able to put them into practice and thus, boost your health.

This post provides a detailed explanation about top five health benefits of black raspberry seeds which include:

  • Strong antioxidant properties
  • Anti-cancer properties
  • Promotes eye health
  • Benefits cardiovascular system
  • Anti-inflammatory properties


Strong Antioxidant Properties

In a research held way back in 2006, a group of health experts from Chile tested the antioxidant power of various healthy foods. Among the healthy foods were 28 types of berry seeds and other different sorts of fruits. Black raspberry seeds, olives, white mulberries, sour cherries, strawberry seeds, and maqui berries were proven to contain a higher antioxidant power compared to red raspberry seeds. Besides, the antioxidant power of black raspberry seeds was shown to be stronger than that of kiwis and plums.

Anti-Cancer Properties

Black raspberry seeds have been proven to be one of the most efficient breast cancer fighting foods. They are as well very reliable when it comes to fighting cervical cancer. In a research held in 2006, it was determined that black raspberry seeds inhibit the growth of human prostate tumor, colon and breast cell lines. The seeds were additionally found to contain a strong pro-apoptotic effect, which promote apoptosis, a natural process that helps the body to get rid of unneeded cells. In addition, the seeds are believed to contain ellagic acid, which is a phenolic compound that has been proven to help cub both carcinogenic and mutagenic processes.

Promotes Eye Health 

It is widely known that blueberry seeds are good for eye health. Well, in a research held recently it was concluded that black raspberry seeds contain more anthocyanins compared to blueberry seeds. This property make the black raspberry seeds to be more effective when it comes to boosting eye health. Majorly, black raspberry seeds benefit eyes in that they provide protection against muscular deterioration, boost the flow of blood in capillaries that leads to the retina, improves night vision, and reduces the risk of retinopathy in diabetic patients.

Benefits the Cardiovascular Systemgood-for-heart-health

Consumption of enough black raspberry seeds can help boost the cardiovascular health since it is capable of inhibiting LDL (Low-density lipoprotein) oxidation and hence, combating high blood pressure (hypertension). Actually, high level of LDL oxidation is an indicator of cardiovascular disease risk. Inhibiting this type of oxidation will definitely help solve hypertension issues.

Anti-Inflammatory Properties

body-inflammation-and-painNSAIDs (Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs), such as naproxen and ibuprofen, are usually used to curb inflammation and pain related to inflammatory conditions – for instance, rheumatoid arthritis. Basically, these drugs work by inhibiting the production of cyclooxygenases, chemicals that are normally released by the body in response to pain. Black raspberry seeds have got the ability to do the same. Why don’t you choose to diminish inflammation by consuming berries instead of drugs that sometimes have negative effects?