The Benefits of Natural Omega 3 In Relation To Those of Supplements

benefits-of-natural-omega-3Natural omega 3 fat acids are considered extra effectual compared to omega 3 supplements. However, both natural omega 3 purveyors and the supplements are essential because they are needed for proper health and functioning of human body.

Omega 3 is associated with quick healing of cardiovascular diseases. Supplements from fish oils are considered the best since they help to lower blood pressure by causing vasodilatation and maintain adequate blood pressure. They also protect the immune system and cardiovascular systems. On the other hand, DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) a dietary supplement activates the channels allowing sodium, potassium and calcium to move in and out of the vessels, hence regulate blood pressure vessels. DHA activates the channels and lowers blood pressure.

All in all, dietary supplements especially those found in fish oil pills do not activate the channels. In fact, it was discovered that they antagonize the effect got from natural sources. The omega 3 consumed from natural sources have a long chain of essential fatty acids that activates the channels. It reduces and lowers the blood pressure. This is not the case when omega 3 supplements are used.

As a result, physicians have to be careful when giving omega 3 supplements as part of the nutrition. Having a look at the formulation is vital and may help them decide whether the patient can benefit from either the omega 3 natural compounds or the supplements.

Omega 3 consumed through natural sources such as raspberry & chardonnay seeds, and those of supplements have both been found to play a great role in enhancing the immune system. This is critical and helps to relief one from numerous chronic conditions. Both DHA and EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid) are important in brain development and cognitive function. It is also crucial in pregnancy and lactation, eye health, joint mobility, healthy skin and hair and the normal functioning of the immune system.

Omega 3 for the Heart

good-for-heart-healthIncreased intake of Omega three supplements such as EPA and DHA, have been found to improve the overall cardiovascular function. Individuals who cannot get the supplements are advised to eat fish at least 2 times in a week. Patients suffering from heart diseases should take 1 gram of DHA and EPA per day.

Raspberry seeds and fish oil majorly has the following benefits:

  • Helps in blood vessel functioning
  • Promotes metabolism
  • Supports heart rhythm
  • Improves triglycerides in individuals

Also, omegas 3 from natural sources and supplements have been found to:

  • Support health functioning of the brain
  • Improve well-being and mood
  • Support the learning ability
  • Enhance focus and attention
  • Slow down age related memory loss
  • Protect the brain from oxidative stress.

Similarly, supplements from fish oils improve the health of the eye in most of the users. Fish oil contains both EPA and DHA; the most important nutrients in maintaining and developing eye tissue. Generally, fish oils have been found to have the following benefits:

  • Support tissue moisture
  • Reduce age related oxidative damage
  • Alleviate redness and dryness
  • Maintain fluidity in tissue and eye cells

Note that chardonnay seeds, raspberry seeds and fish oils have been found to support internal repair systems. EPA and DHA support pain resolution that results from stress, joints and back. They also promote mobility and flexibility and mobility.