Best Arthritis Treatment Options

04/12/2016 Omega369Health 0

Arthritis relief is not something that will happen instantly. Use of special devices that assist you to cope up with the condition, exercising and maintaining a healthy weight can cause a considerable positive effect to […]


What Are Omega-9 Fats?

01/12/2016 Omega369Health 0

To begin with, fats basically refer to long chains of oxygen, hydrogen, and carbon, joined together by molecular bonds. They can actually be described as necklaces made of string(s) (molecular bonds) and beads (compounds). Saturated […]


What is Omega 6?

21/11/2016 Omega369Health 0

Omega 6 is a fatty acid, and, more specifically, it is a polyunsaturated fat. Omega 6 acids are made from chains of carbon atoms, and these chains are identifiable as omega 6 chains because they […]

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