Rain Soul Blood Analysis Video – Before And After Taking Rain Soul

By Marilyn Harris

In this video, we are looking at how the blood is nourishing the body. The red blood cells are the round bubbles that we see. Normal red cells are round, basically the same size and shape. Their function is to carry oxygen and nutrients throughout the body. They are supposed to be separate, not overlapped nor clumped together. The centres of the red blood cells should be clear.

As you see in this video, the red blood cells are overlapped and linked together like a chain. They are clumped together. The cells have irregular shapes (free radicals).

Also, the glowing inside the red blood cells indicates that they are not carrying oxygen.

The large white cell is a white blood cell. In normal blood there are one white blood cell to every 700 red blood cells. In this sample I saw many white blood cells, (could not be shown in the video). This indicates inflammation.

Also this indicates that the body is in distress. The red blood cells are having a hard time accomplishing their mission of nourishing and carrying oxygen throughout the body.

See what happens one hour after taking Rain Soul.