Omega 3 and DHA as Brain Food

omega-3-and-dha-as-brain-foodMost researchers have for long talked of Omega 3 fatty acids, DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) and EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid) being of great importance to the brain, but they’ve rarely explained what this actually means. Well, it is true that DHA and omega 3 fatty acids serve as sources of nutrients to the brain.

This article majorly aims at discussing the following ways in which omega 3 benefits the brain:-

  • Increases volume of the brain.
  • It is a key ingredient in the formation of the brain at infancy.
  • A natural way to control aggression.
  • Provides extra ordinary brain power.

Increases the Volume & Performance of the Brain

omega-3-fatty-acids-increases-volume-performance-of-the-brainOmega 3 fatty acids have got great cardio-protective powers, which are widely known by most clinicians worldwide. However, the paramount role of omega 3 fatty acids in optimizing many features of the brain, and protecting it from memory defects, cognition and depression is seldom recognizable.

Recent reliable researches indicate that omega 3s have the ability to halt most age-related pathology effects. This report contradicts with that of precedent researches, which unknowingly stated that nerve cell death is actually irreversible and constant.

Omega 3 fatty acids have been proven to possess neuroprotective and antidepressant features, which play a great role in the formation of the brain’s gray matter. A larger portion of the tissues that developed as a result of sufficient supply of omega 3 in the body was found to play a major role in the part of brain that is associated with happiness.

Key Ingredient in the Formation of the Brain

Roughly 8% of the brain’s weight encompasses of omega 3 fatty acids, which serve as the building block for more than 100 billion brain neurons. DHA and EPA play a series of roles in neuronal function and structure, protecting them from cumulative destruction, inflammation and oxidative damage inflicted by other chronic insults. Neuronal membranes that are rich in omega 3 are characterized with complex molecules and numerous proteins required for signal reception and electrochemical transmission. The amount of omega 3 and DHA that accumulates in the human brain during early stages of brain development are closely tied to cognitive performance and intelligence in childhood. This entails that Omega 3 and DHA places a role in brain formation.

A Natural Way to Control Aggression

Research shows that some aggressive and criminal behaviors are intimately correlated to low serum omega 3 fatty acids, which are intern linked to lower level of self-discipline, honesty, and altruism. It is possible that these effects are caused by the alteration in serotonin turnover, which actually controls aggression-hostility and impulsive behaviors. The research indicates that when 1.5 grams of omega 3 supplements (containing 700 mg of DHA and 840 mg EPA) were applied on autistic children who had severe aggression and tantrums, they resulted into distinctively better & self-effacing behaviors.

Extra Ordinary Brain Power

Numerous epidemiological studies constantly indicate that depressed people have got considerably reduced levels of EPA and DHA in their serums or red blood cell membranes. Lower levels of omega 3 fatty acids were found in the brains of people who at some point tried to commit suicide. Generally, people with more EPA, DHA and omega 3 fatty acids in their brains are extra potent. This is why the consumption of natural omega 3 supplements such as chardonnay seeds, black raspberry seeds, black cumin seeds and other sources is advisable.