D-Ribose & Its Myriad Benefits

d-riboseFor humans to stay lively, active and healthy, the body needs a lot of energy. This energy is produced in the body by each of the innumerable cells that make our body and this keeps our hearts beating, all our vital muscles contracting and our brains and nervous systems functioning properly to send signals to all the critical places in our body. To understand the enormity of the functioning of the body and its consumption of a vast amount of energy, one can take the example of the heart.

The actual consumption of the energy by our heart is around 6,000 grams of energy, however, only about 0.7 grams of energy can be found in the heart at any given time. This is because it is constantly produced and consumed in the cells. This is where D-ribose comes into the picture:

ATP – A Vital Constituent of Life

Adenosine Triphosphate Molecule
Adenosine Triphosphate Molecule

The energy that is used by our body is contained in a specific molecule called ‘Adenosine triphosphate’, or ATP. It is the actual compound present in each and every cell in our body and its only function is to supply energy for all functions. Therefore, all the energy that is used by our body cells is derived from ATP. Thus, due to this extremely vital role played by ATP, it is also referred to as the ‘energy currency’ of the cells in our body.


ATP is a simple biological compound made of three parts. The first is D-ribose, or simply referred to as Ribose. It provides the basic structural building blocks using which ATP is built. Thus Ribose is of utmost importance to our body.

Benefits of D-Ribose

1) It Accelerates Energy Recovery

When blood supply to any muscle in the body is restricted due to any reason such as a constriction in blood vessels, or blockage or fatigue, it causes loss of energy and improper or incomplete functioning and movement of the concerned set of muscles. This can result in a multitude of health conditions and diseases. This is where a supplement of Ribose helps tremendously. Ribose has been clinically proven to accelerate energy recovery and restore the normal functioning of body muscles. This helps get rid of abnormal or incomplete movement of muscles.

2) Good for Heart Health

The heart is nothing but a set of strong muscles. It pumps blood to the far reaches of the body with the help of strong good-for-heart-healthmechanical action. There are several reasons why blood supply to the heart muscles may be restricted, the most common one being the build up of cholesterol, which causes blockages and reduction in blood flow. As the heart muscles receive lesser blood flow, the proper pumping of blood is disturbed and blood flow is haphazard to the body’s organs and muscles and this can result in diseases such as diabetes. D-Ribose as a supplement can help restore the energy to the heart muscles and reduce the risk of such diseases.

3) Restores Stiff Body Movements

Just as mentioned earlier, muscles behave differently and tend to get stiff from the lack of proper blood supply. This is the root cause of several diseases and Ribose can be an effective tool to help ease movement and restore functioning in muscles. Thus it is a vital supplement that is needed by all of us at some point in our lives.