Causes Risk and Treatment of Obesity

causes-risk-and-treatment-of-obesityObesity has already become somewhat an epidemic in almost all nations of the world. While there are people who are too conscious of their weights, there are still a lot who tend to overlook their health especially their weights. If you are one of the busy bees who cannot find any time to fix your meals or your family’s, much less the time to do routine exercises every day, then the possibility of you becoming obese is higher than usual.


Causes Of Obesity

  1. Heredity or genetics- If your family has a history of obesity, it will show up in the succeeding generations.
  2. Hormonal imbalances
  3. Inadequate physical exercises.
  4. Eating habits such as overeating or improper diet. If you are a couch potato who tends to munch on snacks while watching your favorite programs, then sooner or later you will look and feel heavier without you even noticing it.
  5. Environmental factors such as cultural habits, etc.
Causes of Obesity
Causes of Obesity

Though it may seem impossible for some, obesity can be treated. The first thing you need to do is have yourself checked by a medical professional so you can determine what treatment will work for you best. Think long term so you can be sure that you will achieve your desired weight without having to worry about failing initially. You may need to undergo some lifestyle changes in your quest to battle obesity. You will most probably need to alter your diet and incorporate exercise into your life if you want to be successful.

Risk Exposed to When Having Obesity

risk-when-having-obesityYour goal should be to perk up your overall health. Losing weight should be secondary. Obesity is a disease which affects your health in so many ways than you can imagine. An obese person has a greater risk of acquiring all kinds of diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, stroke, hypertension, arthritis, and other lung and heart-related illnesses. Additionally, most obese people will likely to experience embarrassment and anxiety, prejudice and poor self-worth caused by their appearance.

Treatment Of Obese

Proper diet

An essential aspect to consider is to observe a proper and healthy diet. Replace your favorite fast food with fresh fruits and vegetables. If you still want something to munch on while watching television, why not try fresh carrots or apples instead. Avoid foods which are rich in fat and carbohydrates. Drink plenty of water and avoid sodas.

Enough Physical Exercise

Physical activity will help you burn all the calories that have been plaguing you for years. Start with the most basic but effective exercise of all times- walking. Do brisk walking for about 2 and half hours each day. You can also try cycling if your doctor permits it. If you’re worried about your safety while walking around your neighborhood or the park, bring self-defense sprays with you such a pepper spray so, you’ll feel secure all the time.

Weight Loss Pills and Supplements

There are also medicines to help you lose weight faster. But this should be taken together with proper diet and exercise. For those whose health is greatly at risk because of obesity, surgery will most probably be, the only cure. This is the only treatment for people who are suffering from morbid obesity that may be caused by their genes. This should, however, be looked upon as the last option.