Can Omega 6 Fatty Acids Cause Heart Disease?

can-omega-6-fatty-acids-cause-heart-diseaseThe heart is one of the most delicate parts of the body, so it needs topmost care. The external physical care you give to your heart may not be worth it if you don’t look at the internal part of it all. There is need to always check on how what you consume can affect your heart’s function. For instance, intensive consumption of foods rich in high amounts of components like omega 9 and omega 6 fatty acids are believed to cause heart disease. This article seeks to explain whether omega 6 fatty acids can cause heart disease or not.

Why Omega 6 Fatty Acids Are Linked to Heart Disease

good-for-heart-healthTo begin with, you should understand that omega 6 fatty acids refer to a variety of unsaturated fats commonly found in seeds, nuts and vegetable oils. When eaten in larger amounts than saturated omega 3 fatty acids, which are readily available in dairy and meat products, omega 6s could result into adverse heart effects.

Research indicates that excess omega 6 fats can radically metabolize while in the body to create paranormal types of fatty acids, which can damage and inflame the lining of your heart arteries. When this damage happens, the arteries instantly become narrower, and this state may result into heart problems.

Another reason why omega 6 is linked to heart disease is that they have been proven to raise levels of depression and stress if taken in high amounts. The depression could be as a result of omega 6 related health problems such as arthritis, breast cancer and diabetes. Heart function and health entirely depends on the wellness of the brain. Stress & depression impedes with functioning of the brain, which is why the condition could result into heart disease.

heart-deposit-fatty-depositsOmega 6 can seriously be linked to heart disease since they are the main body producers of omega 9 fatty acids. Omega 9s are unessential body fats that if produced in high amounts they stick to and accumulate around different parts of the inner body. The heart is one of the mostly affected parts. When these fats accumulate around the heart they result into pressure on the heart, hence, result into contraction of arteries. If contraction of arteries occurs, there will be numerous problems with heart pressure, and probably heart diseases will arise.

Heart Diseases Stimulated By Omega 6 Fatty Acids

Some examples of heart diseases commonly caused by intensive intake of omega 6 fatty acids include:

  • Rheumatic heart disease, which results from damage of valves.
  • Hypertensive heart disease caused by damage of blood vessels.
  • Ischemic heart disease that results from narrowing of coronary arteries.
  • Inflammatory heart disease, which results from inflammation problems, usually caused by excessive amounts of either omega 6 or omega 3 in the body. 

AHA (American Heart Association) suggests that people should daily consume food that contains 5 to 10 percent of fatty acids. Replacing the intake of saturated fats from sources such as pastries, cheese, butter and meat with plant-based sources that contain majorly quality omega 6 fatty acids, for instance seeds (black cumin seeds, chardonnay grape seeds, black raspberry seeds), nuts and vegetable oils can be very important.