Ascertaining Rain Soul Health Benefits Using Cell-Based Assays

rain-soul-third-party-assayIs Rain Soul health benefits illusory?

A better way to explain the health benefits of Rain Soul is through Cell-based assays. Cell-based assays actually refer to methodical tests that make use of cell lines (cells cultivated in the lab) as the focal point for finding out more about biological reactions.The primary ingredients of Rain Soul are natural seeds such as black cumin seeds, black raspberry seeds, chardonnay grape seeds and D-ribose. The following are the results of Rain Soul’s Cell-based assays.

Cellular Anti-Inflammatory Assay (NFKB)

NFKB (Nuclear Factor Kappa B) determines the type of anti-inflammatory potential that is given to materials in the human cells. It is actually a protein that is normally involved in cellular responses to incentives such as free radicals and stress. The protein is also essential in production of inflammation biomarkers.

In cellular anti-inflammatory assay, pleiotropic inflammatory cytokine, a compound that has tumor necrosis factors, is introduced to human cells to trigger inflammation. If an anti-inflammation product is availed in the cells, it inhibits the activation of NFKB thus, monitors the degree of inflammation through NFKB expression. Human cells were used to test Rain soul and the following results indicated:

  • There was no cellular toxicity caused
  • 33% of the original inflammation was inhibited
  • There was bioavailability of anti-inflammatory compounds.


Cellular Anti-Aging Assay (SIRT1)

SIRT1 is used to test the anti-aging capability of humans by making use of SIRT1 production in the body cells. SIRT1 is actually a body protein that is thought to play essential roles in reduction of age-related diseases and longevity. When this method was used to test the anti-aging properties of Rain Soul, the results were generally positive. The product diminished aging by considerable percentages.


rain-soul-cellular-antioxidant-assayCellular Anti-Oxidant Assay (CAA)

In this process, a fluorescent probe is placed inside the human’s cell. What indicates oxidation is the fading of the fluorescent. However, if there are no oxidants the material present in the cell penetrates through the cell membrane. When the research was conducted on rain Soul the results were as follows:

  • There was no cellular toxicity detected
  • A significant reduction if free radicals were basically recorded.
  • There was bio-availability of antioxidant compounds.

Based on the three cell-based assays discussed above, it can be concluded that the Rain Soul truly work. Above all, there are no negative effects linked to the product since it makes use of natural ingredients. So why wait, give Rain Soul a try.